Wednesday, 2 July 2014


 Another beautiful poem about depression, by Jane.

This one focuses on the beginnings of recovery, glimpses of light, where before, all had been dark. It describes the tentative, cautious time where one enjoys small episodes of calm, strength, and appreciation of simple things.

All to soon, this glimpse of light disappears and the darkness returns. But one finds that this oasis of serenity is returning more regularly. One hardly dares hope... The temptation is to cry: 'At last I'm well!' But one has to be careful, take baby steps slowly but surely out of depression.

This poem is the truth that people can and do recover from depression. These are the first signs...


A good day today
Few and far between
Lately it seems

Must remember the moment
Breathe it deep in my being

All is as it should be
For today at least
I feel calm
With a rare sense of strength
At my core

It’s not always this way
Too many days
Find me tired and despairing
Nourishment for my soul
At the end of the eternal to do list

Everything more important
Than time
To remember
What it means to be me

All must come first
Or so it seems
Easy to forget the strength
Gained from the simple things

Walks at dusk
And the chance to connect
With all that makes me whole

All will be well
I can see that now
I can live this life
And play this game
For today at least

Things become clear
In moments like this
Take on more
I must not

Control it all
I cannot
If I fall
So I fall

But up again I will get
With the lesson learned
Remember the journey
Destination adjourned

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