Friday, 4 July 2014

Writing 'Serendipity'

Chamber 20th Century Dictionary definition of serendipity: ‘the faculty of making happy chance finds.’

I describe it as a crime thriller/satire. So what inspired me to write 'Serendipity'? Thought this might make an interesting little post for readers and writers, as well as informing me. So here goes.

My life has been full of ups and downs. Both success and failure have featured in my life. I've made some momentous cock-ups, as well as got some things right. My writer's instinct, I believe, has served me fairly well. My habit of observing, reflecting, regular bouts of introspection, have hopefully led to me being a bit of a better human being than I would of been had I just simply got on with things and stayed within the narrow constraints of 'me, me, me'. I can still be self-obsessed, but thankfully far less so than in years gone by.

What's this got to do with the writing of 'Serendipity'? Well, there have been a couple of episodes where I was dangerously close to the edge, in extreme financial difficulties and in short in deep trouble. How I emerged safely from these periods of chaos, I can only put down to serendipity. When things got really bad and my life tipped over the edge, I lost my constant fear of this occurring and so therefore let go. Fortuitous circumstance stepped in and I met the right people at exactly the right moment, little coincidences occurred and I walked out of these harsh times to sunnier days. I learnt so much from all this.

So I wanted to write a book about someone who has lost everything and decides to let go and leave everything to chance. This was achieved with 'Serendipity'.

The scene where a character is betrayed by his wife and he witnesses them making love was cathartic. I turned the whole scene into a comedy and the emotions the character goes through were based on my own, having been hurt in a relationship. Yet I was able to turn it on its head and ask the question, 'What is true love?'

I wanted to satirise the selfish and superficial behaviour of individuals who rip people off, having been stung myself.

So, I like to think 'Serendipity' is a real and authentic novel, based on personal experiences. I wrote it from my heart. The novel looks in a humourous way at how when your worst fears happens, the fear becomes absent and then there is the possibility of serendipity taking your life in a completely different direction.

'Serendipity' by James Duncan is available on Amazon Kindle.

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