Tuesday, 1 July 2014


This poem is so powerful it stopped me dead in my tracks. If you have ever experienced depression, are currently suffering from it, or know somebody who suffers from it, this poem is important.

It masterfully puts into words, the torment of depression. One searches for an escape, or even a brief respite. Sadly, at its most virulent this can't always be achieved.

This poem let's people know they are not alone. Their inner world is bleak and their outer world is bleak. But knowing that other people have suffered the same insidious feelings and come through to the other side, offers marvellous hope.

You are never alone. Don't isolate, connect with those who understand. Strive to be rid of this dreadful affliction.

My inner world

Into my head to seek respite I retreat

From the chaos all around
Only to be held hostage by the madness

Thoughts, and plans
Whizz and whir
And feelings too
constantly cause a stir
Deeper and deeper
Faster and faster
Time the only restraint

In a bid for freedom
From the swirling purple vortex
I resurface
to reconnect a moment more
With those in the outer domain


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