Tuesday, 8 July 2014

The Bloody Nuptials - Fantasy Short story - War, Love, Extreme - Booksie

The best thing about joining author groups, is that I get to read some brilliant new writing. The kind of writing that just jumps off the page at you and demands to be shared with other readers, just because it is so damned good. The short story, 'The Bloody Nuptials' is damned good. It is written by a lady who goes by the moniker, UnaminateRiver. If you are a fan of writing in the genre of 'The Game Of Thrones', I am sure you will love this. Her writing employs masterful dexterity of the English language - the battle scenes are exhilarating, visual, vibrant...and cheerfully bloody. The romantic exchanges are witty, sexually charged, playful and delivered with olde worlde charm. It has a well-informed authenticity and is simply a blast to read. Please enjoy and if you are as captivated as I am, when you follow the link, check out UnanimateRiver's other writing. The Bloody Nuptials - Fantasy Short story - War, Love, Extreme - Booksie


  1. Thanks for sharing! I found your blog. I will be keeping up with you on here as well as on Booksie. :-) Happy writing!

    1. Many thanks, Heidi! Extremely pleased to hear from you. Sorry for late reply, been so busy writing new book, haven't visited my blog I am ashamed to say! Still, I'm writing plenty of reviews on here, hope you enjoy them. Will update my Booksie profile, found some scorchers there particularly this amazing piece of writing. Catch up again soon!