Sunday, 27 July 2014

Gregg Braden - Divine Matrix

Watch this amazing talk by Gregg Braden. This man is inspiring to me. One could call him a visionary - his talks and writing seems to bridge science, ancient wisdom, and spirituality. He expounds convincingly that we are all powerful creators - but we have forgotten how to use our power to create. Greg Braden is a former senior aerospace computer systems designer. He has explored remote monasteries and has unearthed the wisdom of forgotten texts, which, ostensibly, segues perfectly with cutting edge science of today. He has bolstered my faith in the merging of spirituality and science. He reveals the miraculous science that has been applied, time and time again, to heal cancer, bring peace to the Middle East, and gives many more examples. He says that all we have to do is learn the language of the Divine Matrix - it is human emotion - the language of the heart - that allows these miracles to occur. There have been many popular, bestselling books about this subject, but this guy appears to know what he is talking about! One important caveat, however, I have only recently discovered him and I need to explore his work further, before I can wholeheartedly endorse him.  He has written many books - using easy to understand science - that you can browse on this blog.

Now that is my initial reaction. Really, the proof of the pudding, as they say, is in the eating. I have started practising the methods he teaches. It's early days but I will let you know if I have success with these methods. I am very open-minded and I am very interested in spirituality. I found this talk a profound experience and I have included it on my blog as much of my work has a spiritual element. Gregg Braden was recommended to me by a friend and we were both captivated by his ideas and enthusiasm and he certainly comes over as very genuine, stressing the power of human emotion: align emotion, feelings, and the mind - and the miracles begin!

He has a close association with Bruce Lipton, a PHD stem cell biologist - he has a towering knowledge of traditional science. He has made discoveries which led him to becoming a pioneer of New Science - bridging science and spirituality. In my opinion he blows the debunkers (who call all of this pseudoscience) out of the water.

This is work in progress and I promise to update you on the results. Positive or negative - I will let you know how it pans out.

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