Saturday, 14 June 2014

Serendipity - The Novel About Discovering True Freedom!

Shortly, my novel 'Serendipity' will be available on Amazon Kindle. It's my own personal favourite, of all the books I've written. I so enjoyed writing it. It's a satirical crime thriller, but also touching, uplifting and rather exciting! Let me give you a quick rundown.
‘Serendipity’ is a 75,000-word novel for adults, in the satirical adventure genre, with an appeal for most adult age groups. It tells the story of Edward Noble, an IFA, who is a staid and arrogant control freak. Edward goes from being highly successful to down and out within 24 hours. Every attempt he makes to escape his fate leads to yet another door being slammed shut in his face. Then he learns to trust in serendipity and his life takes a dramatic turn.The novel contains plenty of dark humor; with a satirical edge. Edward has an edge-of-your seat siege to deal with. It is an adventure story and a thriller that starts in Surrey, travels to the high and low spots of London, before Edward is flung into an intriguing new life in Berkshire by chance. This is a novel about chance and about how one’s choices can affect chance. It reveals how spiritual renewal can result from chaos and adversity. Although the more unpleasant side of human nature is explored, there is ultimately an optimistic slant to my novel. It is contemporary fiction – following one man’s own personal credit crunch.
The work has the satirical edge of Tom Sharpe, there's some Iain Banks bizarreness, and a vein of Paulo Coelho spirituality that develops during the narrative. Readers who like satire and thrillers and a little walk on the wild side will be attracted to this work. It stands out from the crowd by being a hybrid mix of genres. It is sharp and funny and perceptive, the protagonist epitomizes disengaged, selfish individualism. Then there is the crime thriller element. It's also a touching fable - Noble is forced to find himself when he loses everything. The story would appeal to those who love these genres - it could be read as thriller, satire, spiritual enlightenment - or as all three in one for those who enjoy a genre mash-up!
So I hope this may appeal to some of you avid readers out there!

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