Thursday, 30 April 2015

Review of "Tis But A Dream" Romantic Novella by Samna Ghani

I confess that I was never a great romance reader until I started working with ace romance writer J Kahele. Before that, I stuck to books written from a masculine perspective. We wrote a book together that we classed contemporary romance, although admittedly she looked after much of the romance side and I did the comedy and action. Although we did swap roles at times and I found myself writing some romance. I came into contact with the very talented romance writer Samna Ghani and it is my pleasure to honestly review some of her works.

Well, I gave her 5 stars for her delightful novella “One Of Those Days” and because I liked “'Tis But A Dream” even more, again I give max points. Beautifully written and I confess highly moving, there were tears in my eyes by the end. Samna creates beautiful characters that you are rooting for. Although her work has a fairytale element there is a realism to her plots, in that her portraits of the best and the worst of human nature are spot on. Snow Donovan obtains a good job as Assistant Editor for Healthplus. She instantly falls for the handsome CEO Richard Wilder, constantly going to pieces around him. She is very good at her job but her hostile line manager, Cindy Shaw, makes her life a misery. Cindy gives Snow impossible deadlines and constant criticism. Richard is supportive but detached. Snow feels overpowering emotions and feelings for Richard, but they appear not to be reciprocated.

This is vivid, entertaining writing with the all important feel-good factor. If Cindy represents all that is bad in human beings, Snow and Richard represent the good and decency all humans are capable of. An accomplished chick-flick, I recommend this to my fellow men; you won't go wrong with this as a guide for your dealings with matters of the heart. There is a kindness and benevolence in Samna's writing and I was enriched by engaging with this charming tale.  


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