Saturday, 28 March 2015

My review of Façade by J Kahele

As promised, I am reading and reviewing again. I introduce you to 'Façade' a wonderful novel by the equally wonderful J. Kahele. We have written a book together, 'Crazy On You' and we are now writing the sequel. Our collaboration has been a great success; somehow our styles compliment each other and working together is a delight. Obviously I love her work, you wouldn't believe how versatile and prolific she is as a writer. Probably best known as a romance writer she can actually nail any genre. She has recently released Façade's sequel.  So to the review...

Another brilliant romantic tale from J. Kahele, this book has it all; romance, drama, intrigue, (very) steamy sex, comedy, and a realism that swings from dizzying highs to crashing lows. It is escapist romance at its best, it will tug at your heartstrings and you will no doubt recognise at least an aspect of yourself in the two main characters of Liam and Ally.

Although I am very different to him, I saw that I share many of Liam's traits, maybe some I have left in the past and others I don't act out upon, the important thing is, he was a character I could relate to. So incredibly handsome and successful people can be as insecure as me! The book is called 'Facade' and is about the many masks we wear; reality is not what it appears to be. Handsome, powerful, successful, has his pick of gorgeous women - Liam Sheldon wears a confident mask befitting his status and envied lifestyle. However, this turns out to all be a sham. His former fiancée, Kate, (a nasty piece of work) betrayed and cheated on him. It broke his heart and he only pulled through by focusing on career and success. He has been terrified to fall in love again and this he avoids until he meets Ally.

Ally is a beautiful, feisty young woman, he first encounters in a very funny scene when he nearly runs her over. At first they despise each other, but keep meeting each other, as it turns out that Ally is one of his employees. Ally is feisty, spirited, with a hot temper, and she won't hold back when something angers her. Liam is an arrogant control freak. But they both turn out to be genuine and kind-hearted people, both deeply hurt in their previous relationships. They are drawn to one another. They begin a tempestuous, passionate, on-off relationship - where they constantly hurt one another, ironically, caused by their own insecurity and jealousy. Will they ultimately stay together or will they part? Find out for yourselves, the ending is astonishing and powerful.

The wonderful paradox of 'Facade' is that although it is about the masks people wear, how we are constantly deceived by one another, Liam and Ally share a love that is real. They love each other, confounding themselves, with an intensity and heartfelt sincerity that could last them their whole lives. They perpetually remove their masks for one another to reveal their true selves - vulnerable and very human. The destructive streak within them is the façade. Liam's mantra that “Success is built on greatness not weakness!” is one that actually brings him emptiness. The only thing that is real is his love for Ally. I liked Liam and Ally because although they could be infuriating they were so genuine.

I totally enjoyed this bitter-sweet romance. J Kahele writes with a humour that is so funny because it has its roots in reality. If you like your sex served with unreserved pure sensuality, then this book will delight you. J Kahele is one of the most skilled interpreters of this much loved activity. Highly enjoyable writing. Yes, I have written a book with J. Kahele, which I think reinforces my personal endorsement of this novel and admiration of its many merits. J Kahele is a simply superb writer and delivers yet another entertaining, provocative and accomplished novel.

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