Saturday, 7 February 2015

Review Of It Starts With A Kiss.

Jennifer Green is a middle-aged woman, trapped in a dull, soul-sapping marriage with accountant, Greg. To make matters worse, Greg has had an affair with a much younger woman. Jennifer has reached breaking point and contemplates and then actually attempts suicide.

From this event, with the irresistible allure of a feel-good fantasy, Jennifer embarks on an incredible journey. An unwholesome kiss with a magical hobo transforms her into a gorgeous 25 year old woman. She becomes an uber glamorous celebrity and is able to befriend and help her daughter along the way.

This is a very funny story. The razor-sharp observations about the shallowness and ruthlessness of celebrity and the TV industry, the lust of men and women alike, and the challenge of accepting one's self in a world that worships perfection, bring a grounding truth and reality to this fantastical tale.

I am sure that many women will be able to identify with Jennifer. This is one of those books that warms the soul and lightens the heart because the message it conveys is one that validates that living an “ordinary” life can be wonderful and fulfilling if one chooses it to be. It challenges the empty values and extraordinary lives that the media programmes us to be constantly seeking.
Above all, a very funny and entertaining read.

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