Thursday, 12 February 2015

Crazy On You - the transatlantic rom-com!

Just imagine if you will for a moment. An English comedy-thriller writer and a popular American romance-suspense writer, write a novel together over the internet! We are now good friends but at the beginning we didn't know each other. But because I love a challenge and one that was most compelling in concept, I jumped instantly at the chance. I wrote the chapters Archie Pope, the tough but soft and sweet-natured London gangster, narrates, using the UK English dictionary and J Kahele wrote for the captive and heartbroken Isabella Commarata, the evil Mafia Don's daughter. The chapters Isabella narrates use the American-English dictionary. So a daring challenge was set in motion...

We found we got on well and were absolutely delighted by the other's writing. We shared a common vision. We wanted an explosive gangster plot, full of mind blowing wars erupting between the London mob and the New York Mafia. We also wanted an uplifting story depicting the beautiful love shared between Archie and Isabella. We wanted comedy and there are plenty of laughs. We also wanted seductive and sizzling sex but touching and driven by deep love.

We exceeded our expectations. We were delighted by our gangster rom-com, that according to readers, brought forth a whole avalanche of emotions. They loved it and were effusive in letting us know about it! What we accomplished was, really, nothing short of a miracle. We only requested small changes in the other's writing, I wanted a character of mine to be less aggressive and J Kahele wanted a character of hers to be more aggressive! We absolutely loved our novel and the collaboration that brought out a new writer in each of us. As you can imagine our joint project is very special to us and working together such a joy; there is to be a sequel.

We would love for you to read our book and to hear your own personal opinion. Because I can promise you one thing. Crazy For You is a rollercoaster ride that will keep you entertained and never bored!

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