Saturday, 17 January 2015

Humanity's Way Forward by Seth Mullins - Review

This is a wonderful book that worked on two levels for me: Not only was it a thoroughly engaging account of a young rock band with integrity who begin achieving success, it was also an uplifting essay on spiritual renewal.

It resonated deeply with me, as the main character Brandon Chane wrestles with coming to terms with the meaning of life and how to live it, reflects my own struggles. I grew up feeling like an outcast and a misfit who struggled to find meaning in this competitive, shallow, corporate, often random and cruel world. Lead singer Brandon writes lyrics and creates music with his band The Edge Of The Known, that resonates with a myriad lost souls around the world.

As the band's popularity accelerates, the media thrusts upon him the image of a mystical shamanic saviour, whilst he still struggling to resolve deep conflicts within him. He is wounded by the death of his father; a man he was in conflict with and only just getting to know as a human being and his counsellor Seth has his work cut out, trying to help Brandon find a world-view that makes sense and carries true substance.

 It is an enthralling tale, one that enriched me spiritually. I feel that the conclusions that the book draws about life and the spiritual reality underlying everything that we do and experience to parallel and expand the conclusions I have drawn. It is very moving at times, the beauty of it is that it tenderly champions the importance of human connection, that many of us feel lost and alone. Together we can make sense and create a life that is fulfilling and can bring the world together to a warm and compassionate place, where we find answers to our questions.

 It was a truly wonderful experience reading this book and one that I eagerly recommend. Highly enjoyable read. Please check out for yourself.


  1. Thanks for writing such a great review, James. I feel really honored by your words. Kind regards.

    1. Many thanks to you, Seth. Not only did I thoroughly enjoy your book, it was also a wonderful source of inspiration and sustenance for me.