Thursday, 4 December 2014

Review of "Mine" by J Kahele

I read 'Mine 2' first and as you will be able to tell from my review I absolutely loved and recommend that book! Now I read 'Mine' and I am treated to equally superb writing.

Jenna Kramer is married to the evil, sadistic, controlling Ben Kramer. Her work brings her to meet Andrew Carington, a handsome attorney. Their attraction for one another is immense and they quickly commence an affair. But it is a meeting of hearts and souls too and they quickly fall in love.
Ben Kramer is very rich and very powerful and he believes that Jenna is his property. He pursues her obsessively and violently. A story that is both a touching romance and an enthralling thriller ensues.

The novel goes deeper than the genre of romantic thriller, however. Told by Jenna, the story explores the traumatising world of abuse. It provides insight into the mind of the abuser and the abused. It shows the devastating effects of abuse; the terrible toll it takes on the victim and the people who love and care about them. This is an important book and I want as many people to read it as possible. It's not just for ladies who like romantic thrillers. It's for everybody – from general readers – to people who are being abused or their families and friends – to people interested in the psychological aspect of abuse – to people who just simply like a cracking good read! But most of all, I would love abusers to read 'Mine' and 'Mine 2' . Use Ben Kramer as a mirror. Is the reflection ugly? Then get help. Ben Kramer illustrates the deep issues that abusers have, but the rest of us will find it hard to pity them, because what they do is so horrendous. Ben Kramer made me very angry. I hope this book also encourages people who are being abused to speak out and get themselves safe. I really hope so.

This book caused me to have tears in my eyes many times and yes, I am a straight male! The demonstrations and words of true love are so deeply touching, this is a very beautiful read. You will also read with trepidation and horror, but you will find much comfort too.

This is a fantastic book and I can't recommend it enough.

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