Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Mine 2 - an incredible novel by J Kahele

Let me put this simply. 'Mine 2' is one of the best books that I have ever read. At first glance it appears to be a Romance/Suspense novel, which it is, but it is also so much more. Ladies, who are fans of this genre, will love it. The handsome hero, Andrew Carington, saves the delicate and fragile and extraordinarily beautiful, Jenna Kramer from her twisted, savage, and abusive husband, Ben Kramer. There's plenty of hot and steamy sex, passionate love, along with the lurking menace of Ben Kramer. However, this story goes miles beyond the confines of its genre and reaches places that truly nourished and touched my soul. Jenna has been horrifically abused by Ben. She bears deep physical and mental scars of his abuse. Andrew's love for her is so strong and unconditional, that he is prepared to undergo strenuous changes as he is challenged by Jenna's erratic, bewildering sometimes hurtful behaviour (due to the abuse she suffered), and the very real danger of Ben's violent fury as he constantly seeks to punish Jenna for leaving him. This book is about the damage an abuser inflicts on their victim. It's a powerful exploration of the psychology of the abuser and the abused and the paradoxes that abound in such a situation. But it is also the story of two people in love. This is real love that endures and heals and intensifies in spite of the traumatic events that intrude and inflict incredible pain on Andrew and Jenna. I believe that both men and women who like to read thoughtful and inspiring literature will find this book an incredible read. I most certainly did. Below is my Goodreads and Amazon review for Mine 2. Wow! 'Mine 2' is one of the most amazing books I have ever read! I was asked to read it and thought 'Oh no, it's a ladies book!' Andrew Carington – the handsome attorney falls in love with Jenna Kramer! It will be full of passionate sex I can only dream of and the type of love affair I'm still hoping to achieve, I thought. Promising things looming currently! I'm a 43 year old male, by the way. Well, yes, there is a lot of red-hot, passionate sex – but it is tasteful whilst being racy and steamy – it is full of absolute love – it warms the reader as well as turning them on. There is so so much to this book that is worthy of fiction termed 'literary fiction', so much spirituality – as it is about unconditional love in the truest sense of the word. Andrew loves Jenna so much, he has transformed from selfish, casual sex batchelor, to everything that the young, fragile, delicate and niave Jenna could possibly ever want or need. She left her abusive ex-husband Ben Kramer, a sadistic, cruel 'creature', who is also a powerful, tremendously wealthy Senator, to be with Andrew. Andrew has to deal with all the trauma, danger and damage that past relationship entails. Ben Kramer attacks Jemma physically and mentally leaving terrible scars of both the physical and mental kind. He continues to pose a threat, as he can get away with his lunatic behaviuor due to his power, money, and influence. Andrew still loves Jemma wildly and completely despite this menace that constantly threatens. She displays some damaged behaviour due to the abuse, that many men could not cope with – Andrew strives and suceeds in understanding her more and more – his love growing all the time. Andrew plots a way to rid them of Ben's evil presence for good. There's plenty in this book for us guys! The ladies will love Andrew's nurting, protective stance. He's very dashing and you ladies will swoon! What I love about this book is that it is about unconditional, everlasting love. I'm one of the men who lives for this beautiful state of being. Many men will think that this is a book for the ladies, I assure you that it is for us men too! It is narrated by Andrew – it's from a male perspective – an authentic one I may add, written by a lady (J Kahele). It is exciting and has plenty of action that will excite the male reader. I enjoyed that aspect, but as an evolved male I also loved the day to day life story of true love, survival, and two souls striving to be one. We men need to check ourselves against the characters of Andrew Carington and Ben Kramer. If you are closer to Ben, get help, think hard, and work on yourself! If you are like Andrew, you are a worthwhile human being, making mistakes like us all, but open and willing to learn and overcome jealousy (when there are good reasons behind actions that cause it) to be a truly worthwhile lover and friend of your spouse or signifigant one. Who knows, reading this, could help you bridge gaps and you may find your current romance reflecting Andrew's and Jemma's. This book is important. Read it to discover more about how insidious and cunning and hidden abuse is. If you choose, help tackle it, I read recently how alarmingly high the numbers of rape, sexual and physical abuse are. It can help you reach into yourself and find the unconditional love we can all manifest in our hearts. Amazing achievement, J Kahele, this deserves to be a bestseller and I am reccommending it to everyone I can. I like it more than my own work, well almost! We got to get this viral – it's THE sensation! Please purchase!

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