Saturday, 7 June 2014

Writing Fiction and How I Feel About It Today.

I'm writing a book for adults at the moment and I learned or rather re learned something very important the other day. I was trying to avoid the daily writing session. I felt I had to write just to get something done. I reluctantly picked up my pen. An hour later, I stopped. I reflected that I had rather enjoyed the experience. That was because I became lost in the process and it was an enjoyable, almost meditative experience, that enhanced my life. The characters took over and did their thing, while my pen scribbled away, I wasn't doing much thinking, apart from how do I move this character from here to there (a pivotal plot moment) and one look up in my trusty Thesaurus.
Everything should be enjoyable if you have the chance to make it so. I haven't particularly enjoyed the jobs I've done, but when I've practised living in the moment, enjoying the people and the task, the experience has been good, rather than wishing I was home instead.
My last book, 'Serendipity' (to be released soon) was a revelation to me. It took quite a bit of research, but it was the most joyous writing experience I have ever had. I re-read it when time had elapsed, and I was moved, amused and like, 'Did I really write that?' There was wisdom and insight in there that didn't appear to be my own. I was present in the moment when I was writing and miracles occurred as a result.
Writing 'The Exmoor Yarnies' was a unique writing experience, because I collaborated with a photographer and a toy maker. I think the story is good, but the most pleasure I get from it is looking at the toys doing wonderful things in the amazing photographs.
So, I'm just going to try and enjoy each moment today, whatever I do, hope you do too!
By the way, I have some serious tidying up to do - avoid panic mode! I am going to enjoy it. I AM. I really am! Avoidance tactic - I'm enjoying watching videos on Youtube currently. I'm sure the enjoyment will morph into cleaning hedonism. Absolutely certain about that.

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