Wednesday, 11 June 2014


Something I forgot to say in my last two posts when I was gushing about being present in the moment to write and the awesome miracles that the cosmos bestows when I let go and let it happen and I am merely the vessel - the scribe - for the characters' independent autonomy. Well, that's all very well...
I still need discipline and a structure and a minimum of a thousand words a day or it remains a tantalisingly inactive ideal. A little effort and a good work ethic is vital for the 'serious' writer. Then all the amazing stuff happens. Just a reminder to myself really. I find writing so much fun. Nothing beats creating something that distills my experiences and passions and humour and my take on the world and people and produces a book that I want to share with others.
So all I require is a little discipline and then I can go crazy and chase my ultimate buzz! It rocks!

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