Monday, 26 May 2014

The Exmoor Yarnies: A photo-picture book for kids.

Hi, my name is James Duncan and I am an author. My latest book is on Amazon Kindle, 'The Exmoor Yarnies - The Making Of Me.' What's it about? Just who are The Exmoor Yarnies, and how did I come to write about them? I shall attempt to answer this in the following paragraphs.

My first book was called 'Sweets That Eat Children!' It was about, surprise surprise, some sweets that go around eating children. I hasten to add, that they have no teeth, so it's not gory by any means. Just fun, magical and humorous, it went down very well with the many children who read it. Jean Bunt, a lovely lady I was working with at the time, bought a copy for her nieces. She told me how it was her ambition to have a children's story book about these toys she was making. She showed me the toys and they were wonderful, this got my creative juices flowing. Jean and I spent several weeks discussing the story line for a book about these soft toys. She lives in Lynmouth, a charming little village by the sea, situated on Exmoor. Hence, we came up with the title, 'The Exmoor Yarnies'. The key ingredient of the story line is that the Exmoor Yarnies are all unfinished. The four main characters' are missing, respectively, arms and legs, ears, eyes, and mouth. This means that when they have an adventure, to try and rescue a dog from a burning cottage, they have to work very closely together, to overcome their missing senses and limbs. It is a story of true friendship.

I got busy writing the manuscript. How were we going to provide images for our book. Well, it just so happened that Jean's husband, Peter, was an award winning photographer and expert in creating and manipulating graphics. What a stroke of luck! We had a unique book, featuring photos of real toys, engaging in all sorts of exciting adventures. We were pleased with the finished book. Would you like your children to read about them?

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